Butterfly Car Rentals - Terms and Conditions [extract from rental agreement] (For the purpose of this rental agreement, any reference to "you" in this document relates to the "hirer".)

1. Your contract with us: Upon signing the form overleaf you, the hirer, are accepting the conditions set forth in this rental agreement. Please read the agreement carefully. If there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with, kindly ask any member of staff at the place you rented the vehicle from.

2. Office Hours - Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Saturday from 9.00am to 1.00pm. We can be reached 24x7 on the mobile numbers indicated.

3. Rental Period - The hirer shall be entitled to possession of the vehicle for the rental period shown in the agreement which may not be less than 1 day. If the hirer does not return the vehicle on time, the hirer may be charged for every day or part-day thereof you have the vehicle after you should have returned it to us. Until the vehicle is returned, the hirer shall be charged the daily rate applicable.

4. Your responsibilities –

a. You must always lock the vehicle when you are not using it. You should not leave personal belongings visible inside the car. You must make sure that you use the correct fuel.

b. You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by hitting low-level objects, such as bridges, other cars or low branches.

c. You must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle or any of its parts. You must not give anyone any legal rights over the vehicle.

d. You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without our permission. If we do give you permission, we will only give you a refund if you produce a receipt for the work.

e. You must let us know as soon as you become aware of a fault in the vehicle.

f. You must bring the vehicle back to the place we agreed, during the opening hours displayed at our place. One of our staff must see the vehicle to check that it is in good condition. If we have agreed that you may return the vehicle outside business hours, you will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until it is re-inspected by a member of staff.

g. You will have to pay for reasonable costs of repair if:

  • We have to pay extra costs to return the vehicle to its condition when the pre-rental inspection was carried cut (for example, if extra cleaning time or special material or equipment is needed to restore the vehicle to its pre-rental condition);


  • You have damaged the inside of the vehicle. 

h. Before you bring back the vehicle you must check that you have not left any personal belongings in the vehicle.

5. Our responsibilities - We assure you that the vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for renting at the start of the rental period. Every vehicle regularly undergoes an official road test (VRT test) by the Malta Transport Authority and a certificate of road worthiness is issued to this effect.

6. Conditions for using the vehicle - The vehicle must only be driven by you and any additional driver named, or by anyone else we permit and authorise in writing. Additional drivers may be included in the rental agreement at an additional daily charge of €5.00. The hirer or any additional driver driving the vehicle must have a full valid driving licence held for at least three years prior to the rental.

7. Charges - We work out our charges using our current price list. You will pay the following charges:

a. The rental and other related fees / charges in line with this agreement.

b. Any charge for loss or damage resulting from you not keeping to condition 4.

c. A fuel service charge if you have used, and not replaced, the quantity of fuel that we supplied at the start of the original rental, unless you have agreed to pre-pay the fuel supplied. The charge will be based on the rates made available by the compitent authorities or at our offices (or both).

d. All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offences (including any costs which arise if the vehicle is clamped or towed). You must pay to the appropriate authority any fines and costs, if and when, the authority demands this payment. If you do not, you will be responsible to pay our reasonable administration charges which arise when dealing with these matters.  Traffic contraventions incur an additional administration fee of €15 per fine.

e. Any published rates for delivering and collecting the vehicle.

f. Interest which we will added every day to any amount you do not pay us on time, at the rate of four per cent, (4%) a year above the base lending rate of Bank of Valletta, or other bank from time to time.

g. Value Added Tax and all other taxes on any of the charges listed above, as appropriate. You are responsible for all charges, even if you have asked someone else to be responsible for them.

8. Age Limitations - In order to be able to benefit from insurance protection in Malta, the hirer must be between 25 and 74 years of age.

  • For drivers over 70 years of age, the presentation of a renewed licence and a medical certificate to the rental representative is obligatory.
  • For drivers between 21 and 25 years of age, a daily surcharge of €7.00 is applicable and special offers, additional insurance covers or excess reduction options are not available.

9. Excess Contributions - The excess payable for drivers between 21 and 25 years of age is €600 on economy, compact, mid-size and full-size cars (groups A-E) or €900 on all other groups (vans, premium, executive and luxury cars). The excess payable for drivers over 25 years of age is €450 on economy, compact, mid-size and full-size cars (groups A-E) or €750 on all other groups (vans, premium, executive and luxury cars).

10. Collison Damage waiver excess

i. The Collison Damage Waiver excess for drivers over 25 years of age may be waivered at a daily charge of €25.00.

ii. The Collision Damage Waiver excess for drivers between 21 and 25 years of age may not be waivered.

11. Additional Insurance Cover: Butterfly Car Rentals shall provide the following additional insurance cover on request.

i. Personal Accident Insurance granting increased protection to the hirer and passengers for the loss of life and accidental bodily injury is available for all car groups at a fixed daily charge of €15.00 payable locally.

ii. Theft protection is available for all car groups at a fixed charge of €15.00 payable locally.

iii. Liability insurance is available for all car groups at a fixed daily charge of €15.00 payable locally.

12. What to do if you have an accident: If you have an accident you must not admit responsibility. You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses, registration, insurance and contact details of the third party or parties. You should also:

  • Make the vehicle secure
  • Inform the local wardens, who will come on site and draw up a detailed report and sketch of the accident.
  • Inform the police straight away if anyone is injured
  • Call our office immediately.

13. Delivery and Collection of vehicle

i. Full payment covering the whole duration of the rental period is required at the time of pick-up.

ii. Car deliveries and collections are made at a delivery charge of €10 to or from any location in Malta, except delivery or collection from Malta International Airport or the Harbour Terminal, which are subject to an additional €15.00 fee.

iii. Kindly allow a margin of thirty minutes for delivery of the vehicle at the location agreed upon. Please phone our office on (356) 21 448605 or the mobile numbers in cases of delay. iv. At the end of the rental period, the hirer shall hand in the, car keys at the date and time agreed upon. If a vehicle is not returned at the date and location agreed in the contract, a full day's charge shall be levied together with any extra charges incurred until the vehicle is located.

14. Condition of vehicle on termination of the rental: All vehicles shall be returned in the same condition as at commencement of the rental. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that any damages / scratches / dents on the vehicle are clearly stated to members of staff before taking possession of the vehicle. Any extra damages found on the vehicle at the termination of the rental, other than those agreed to, are the hirer's responsibility. Also, if the vehicle is returned with excessive dirt, stains or any other damage to the interior of the vehicle, the hirer shall be charged for the relative costs of repair or valeting.

15. Fuel: Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel provided upon collection of the vehicle, unless there is an agreement to pay for the fuel in advance upon collection. Failure to return the vehicle with the agreed amount of fuel will make the hirer liable to be charged for the missing fuel together with a charge equivalent to the cost of re-filling with fuel such vehicle.

i. No refunds shall be given for fuel left in the vehicle upon termination of the rental.
ii. The hirer shall be liable for any damages resulting from use of the wrong type of fuel.
iii. Should the hirer run out of fuel during the rental period, a re-fueling service at any location on the island may be arranged upon contacting the Butterfly Car Rentals office. Such service shall be subject to a charge equivalent to the fuel provided plus a service charge.

16. Damages payable by the hirer: Butterfly Car Rentals has a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles. Any damage to the upholstery is at the hirer's expense. Moreover, damages to, or losses of, the hereunder-mentioned features shall be chargeable directly to the hirer, as well as to hirers who have covered the excess or are covered by an all-inclusive insurance policy: Tyre damage not occasioned by ordinary wear and tear; GPS navigation systems (where applicable); Antenna, trays; car locks; car keys including spare ones: windshield wipers; windows; mirrors; lights: wheels: tyres; hubcaps; car jack; gas cap; the underside of the car; child seats: radio/CD players/ stereos, battery failure due to leaving car lights or other electrical equipment on while the vehicle is unattended.

17. Traffic Contraventions: Any unsettled motor-vehicle associated fines incurred during the rental period shall be the hirer's responsibility and shall automatically be charged to the hirer's credit card (in accordance with clause 20). Such charges shall include administration charges incurred either during or subsequent to the period of rental by Butterfly Car Rentals or by the relevant administrative authorities.

18. Personal Belongings: Butterfly Car Rentals is not in any case, responsible for any loss or damages to the hirer's personal belongings.

19. Negligent Driving: Damage caused by drunk or negligent driving shall solely be borne by the hirer and the hirer shall be solely responsible for all expenses and costs incurred. Any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence and may result in a charge to the hirer.

20. Payment and Security Deposit - Statement by Hirer

  1. I hereby agree to effect payment of the fixed rental rates upon pick-up of the vehicle.
  2. I hereby agree to sign a blank credit card imprint required by the local banks, even if payment is made in cash as security against the applicable excess or any additional expenses, costs or charges as indicated and mentioned in this agreement and which are incurred during the rental. In such an event, Butterfly Car Rentals is hereby authorized, irrevocably, to withdraw such outstanding amounts and to debit all charges arising under this Agreement either to the debit/credit card account detailed hereon or to the account of the Hirer named above, or from the signed blank credit card imprint above mentioned.
  3. In the event of termination of the rental period prior to the time agreed upon, the charges for termination of the rental agreement will be deducted from the balance paid upon collection of the vehicle or charged to the Hirer's Credit Card if no deposit was left when the hire commenced. Butterfly Car Rentals reserves the right to debit your card with any additional expenses which might have been incurred up to such date of termination.
  4. If for any cause whatsoever, prior to the commencement of the rental period, a cancellation is effected, Butterfly Car Rentals will debit your card with the relative amount.
  5. Butterfly Car Rentals reserves the right to debit your credit card with the full value of the estimated hire charges and will advise you in advance in such a case. Any outstanding charges not covered by such estimate or any overpayment made by you shall be credited or debited to your credit card accordingly.
  6. Non credit card holders are required to leave a Cash deposit equal to the excess amount carried by the vehicle which will only be refundable between three to four weeks from the termination of the rental period.

 21. Cancellations: The following charges shall be payable upon cancellation:

  1. In the event of a cancellation being notified prior to seven working days preceding the commencement of the rental, a charge equivalent to one day's rental to cover administration costs, shall be charged. Shorter notice may incur higher charges, depending on the vehicle and location.
  2. A charge equivalent to three days rental shall be applicable in the event of the hirer's failure to turn up at the destination agreed upon for delivery or in case of failure to produce the necessary documents including, but not only, a valid driving license.
  3. A charge equivalent to one day's rental, to cover administration costs, shall be charged in the event of termination of the rental period prior to the date of termination agreed upon in the contract. In order to notify a cancellation, Kindly contact the Butterfly Car Rentals Reservations office quoting the relevant booking number.

22. Amendments to reservations: The hirer can, however, amend a reservation at no extra charge by contacting our reservation office during office hours or by sending all relevant communications, including a quote of the relevant booking number through electronic mail if such amendments are made prior to the initiation of the agreement.

23. Breakdown Service: In the event of mechanical breakdown and/or collision, Butterfly Car Rentals offers a 24 hour emergency road service free of charge.

24. Vehicle specifications and other features: Vehicle models are only examples and specific manufacturers or models cannot be guaranteed. However, delivery of vehicle of the same size and specifications is guaranteed. Butterfly Car Rentals reserves the right, due to unforeseeable circumstances, to deliver cars without certain accessories, although these additional features may have been listed in the vehicle description. [ Car radios/ CD players are not insured against damage or theft unless their facade, if so provided, is handed back to the company].

25. Additional items available on request

  1. Street directories/ maps are available upon request free of charge. GPS Terminals are available at an additional daily charge of €7.00.
  2. Special seats for infants are made available at an additional daily charge of €5.00. These must be ordered in advance when making reservation. 
  3. Hirers must make use of their own seat in case of infants under six months of age.

26. CVA CHARGES: A vehicle traffic congestion charge may apply if the vehicle is driven into Valletta city centre. An administration fee of up to €10.00 is payable for any CVA charges paid on the hirer's behalf. All CVA related charges will be automatically charged to the hirer's credit card, usually one to two months after termination of rental.